Some pics of yesterday’s road trip.

We went deep into the Lake District national park and explored an ancient remains of a Roman Fort high up and nestled at the top of Hardknock Pass. It was a beautiful sunny autumn morning and the scenery was heavenly with some hair raising bends and climbs on the road leading up and some curious sheep, lambs and a calf who needed to learn the Green Cross Code. There are no pictures of the animals but here are some of the views.


Daydreaming (poem)

If dreams

Were like hearts

Or fireflies,

Floating high to the sun

Would the clouds still bring rain,

If we dreamed of a day without none?

I sit and watch the world go by,

Holding my wishes in my jar of hearts,

So I remain on a summers day,

dreaming, wishing and wondering what lies above


Poem: My Child (Dedicated to my daughter Victoria E Hughes with love ❤️💙💚💛💜)

I always hoped
We would reconnect,
That the past with its pain
We would remember and try to forget

The invisible wounds
The scars on our souls
That one day would become something wonderful
To remind us that human fault and fragility
Is beautiful

No matter the shadows
No matter the dark
I waited years and patiently so.
Come home
It's where you belong.

Shooting stars and Opportunites abundant.

What’s new this week then?

I’m making a start putting my sister blog together in the coming months, which will as time progresses be a page for proper all day 12 hour or desk to dinner reviews of hair, beauty and makeup products.

The reason for this I have joined a secondary organisation and also a beauty club which when I get to grips with YouTube and am able to film passable demonstrations under good lighting the actual benefits and downsides will be there for all to see.

I get it completely, household light is too harsh and very unflattering. Comments are made often negative and really horrible when it’s in a kitchen or a shoebox of a bathroom.  Secondly, the right tools are required: that means at the very least a set of brushes from The Body Shop or TAM or Mac and a couple of beauty blenders.

Third: Don’t cake on half a tonne if you have only just cleansed your face and put your daily moisturizer on and sunblock etc. It WILL look cakey and unflattering. Simple as.

My last point is that companies who are still in their early stages up to about 5 or 6 years down the line are still trying to get it right, direct selling might not be to peoples taste in the majority but stop and think before you type no or a sarcastic remark claiming a big brand is cheaper elsewhere or has better results in your humble opinion. These men and women are trying to do the best for their families, by treating the kids, paying the bills and also preventing a reliance on foodbanks. How many have you pooh pooh-ed without stopping to consider that £20 you have doing nothing in the bank could actually have gone towards a single parent to feed her little ones for a day or two or maybe switched power back on to heat a home for a couple with a newborn baby? In this day and age we are all able to help one another so why not start today? OK I’m not talking about charities just about giving someone a chance to provide for their family in a little corner of the world far from where most of us are.



My experiment with my appearance and the judgement of society. ( A debate piece)

As a society we are conditioned. As women and girls even more so. We are expected to fit into an asethetic dictated by designers and the media and we are then fed images of people such as celebraties getting berated for so much as having a bit more to eat on holiday or this stupid idea of shifting the baby weight say about a week after the baby is born to get back to thinness. It has to stop.

I conducted an experiment over the years, at one time I was always glammed up to the nines, had a modelling contract and as always was on the up and going places. The truth was I was being pawed on nights out with my mates and seen as not much more than my outer self. I’m actually a very intelligent person and I have a lot of knowledge about things, but to the outside world wearing makeup heels, a nice outfit and having my hair done was to some that I was vacous, behaving like a bimbo and very superficial, it sounds derogratory but it is very true.

However after my children were born and having less time on my hands with three little ones and lots on like the nursery and school run, I slowly started to not care as much. I have other good reasons why for this amongst them MH issues that consumed me for a very long time I felt that the only way people would respect me and get to know me was by not being polished and also by not paying much attention to myself despite my glossy magazine habit trying its damn best to argue otherwise. Plus I gained weight through prescribed meds and was constantly reminded that in order to be attractive I had to be ‘slim and trim and at least a size 10’ or 0 as the papers worryingly dictated.

I embarked on a journey to drop a few dress sizes and started at my heaviest which was around 16 stone to where I am now between 13 and 14 stone. I was a size 14 for a good while now I am back in a 16 and that to be honest is my happy place. I have curves from 3 bouts of major surgery (c sections) which are permanent and can be controlled with spanx and I am busty.  I am starting to take a lot better care of myself by making sure I eat when I’m supposed to, have snacks if I want like a cake or ice-cream or chocolate or fruit (no importance on that particular order.) I also buy inexpensive stylish stuff which thankfully seems to wash as well and last like designer stuff.  The latter are my heirlooms. The former my every day stuff.

And despite Hollywood and societal pressure to look a certain way I am pretty sure that if we appreciated our bodies for what they can do and how strong, fit and capable we all are I conclude that this sort of outer shell negativity would cease to matter and we would cease to be bothered by such column filling trivial nonsense.  It would end, period.

Miss V x