How to live like La Bradshaw (that’s Carrie to you and me) on a budget.

I actually manage to live this way, pretty much debt free (gasp!) and able to enjoy the following: cocktails,  lunches out and shopping too.

I’m also on a budget of just over £600 a month. Yes I also have Scottish heritage so a bit of canniness helps too, hell I managed to live on £35 a week as a YTS.  So are you curious now? I bet you are.

1) I never spend beyond my means. If I haven’t got it, I don’t touch it. 

2) Take advantage of freebie beauty samples, they are actually useful. The glossies on rotation have some kind of skincare or makeup free gift, that can sometimes come in really handy. So far over the last month or so I have had a lovely strawberry scented lipgloss ( and a rose Otto scented hand cream that was a freebie from

Elle do some good stuff usually benefit and there’s been some skincare that’s often cult brands from dermatologists and other skin and wellness companies. It’s a way of exploring before commiting to a purchase that could take a big chunk out of your pocket and also prevent your skin or eyes reacting to makeup that can’t be returned.

3) Get a decent hairdresser and beautician on speed dial. This is obvious I know but a great haircut and a manicure done professionally ensure you look polished at all times, help you nail that job you want and also help that high when you leave the salon. My go-tos are Toni and Guy and Nails inc.  Trust me, they never put a foot wrong and are always on trend and innovative. 

4) When dining out, look for the special offers. Set menus offer classic dishes, usually 2 or 3 courses and half a bottle of wine. Or try pre theatre before the movies and the shows as the menus tend to be reasonable. You won’t regret it. Promise.

5) As for cocktails be at one and others like it run offers such as happy hour with 241s and pitchers for set prices. There are also classes to invent or learn something new. Remember enjoy it. Life is for living, dreaming working and achieving and most of all playing hard as well. 

V x