My brilliant start to the New Year.

First up despite my vertigo playing silly beggars and suffering a heavy cold I went to see Scouse of the Rising Sun at The Royal Court in Liverpool and it was brilliant. I went with my mum-in-law and my son and we had a great time. Would go back and do the dinner show downstairs as being up in the gods was really not my thing.  Next the actual festive period was lovely. It was quiet peaceful and it gave me a chance to sort my brain out, detoxing it so to speak and two things I have discovered 1) I am still a book worm and film lover and 2) I really want to emigrate in a big way to have a better life and give our kids a good educated start to adulthood. I have ideas up my sleeve for my projects, all will be revealed soon.

I am also ditching self help books in favour of ones like Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon and also the one by Matt Haig. I can’t recommend them enough as they are by real people with real experience of suffering MH issues and the long process of recovery.  It’s page turning interesting reading written in brutally honest accounts, some bits not for the squeamish or faint everything types but if you stick with it you realise “hang on this is someone who is just like me” In a big way.  MH care in the NHS in some parts of the UK is so under funded and staffed it is like the stone age. We must be the only country in Europe that has custody in police stations being used as makeshift accommodation.  Think about it next time you see a negative headline peddled by the press. Our struggle is real, the stigma will only go away if people take notice of who they come into contact with. Kindness is a virtue and a quick hello means the world to people like us.