What I have learnt since I started blogging last year.

I started this blog initially as a way to accompany restaurant reviews (I have  a few on trip advisor.) I was starting to write while out with my husband and son on occasions when our daughter has been on respite. I’ve included recipes and musings on a lot of other things. Including cringe inducing descriptions of how I have felt after dental surgery. I’ve been awake and needed a triple dose of novocaine to be able to get my fillings done.  Not great but still I see my blog as a diary as well to note that when I am feeling on top of things emotionally I can type, reblog and add photos with descriptions. On my twitter page I have one I am so proud of. I took a picture of the Metropolitan Cathedral that has encouraged simply by looking at it to do a diploma in photography. I hope to be able to carry on along that vein and accomplish more skills such as social media and marketing qualifications.  That’s the path I fancy with the added bonus of creative writing.

Right now I’m trying to type with Cliff Richard driving me nuts singing Congratulations. I have for some reason got Liza Tarbuck on the radio. I usually have BBC6 on on a Saturday night but my mood and my anxiety state has been a mess so hey ho whaddya know I put this on. Nothing worse. I like Jo Whiley and Dermot O’Leary. My daughter loves the Chris Evans show but she is a teenager so there has to be allowances. When the kids have gone to school it’s Grimmers and housework plus several cups of tea and breakfast although the order depends on the amount of caffeine required to wake up. My current 70’s music obsessions include The Clash which is a long standing one,  The Alarm, Trex  and 70’s disco music and soul. I love indie and rock too.

Mostly though the thing I have learnt is to be me with the written word. That’s the best advice for new bloggers starting out. You never know though just how far it could take you.