Recipe for a dynamite vegi chilli.

You will need:

2 tins of tomatoes

2 tins of kidney beans

A punnet of mushrooms (get really meaty ones such as chestnut or chanterelle if widely available.)

Some fresh cherry tomatoes

Some mixed peppers

An onion

A fresh red chilli mildish if brave enough to leave seeds in

Old El Paso spice mix


mix together adding each ingredient to the pan stage by stage checking seasoning to taste. I recommend using the spice mix if like in our house there are people coming down with colds and need something to nourish the soul and help on the way to recovery.

NB: Be aware scotch bonnets and birds eyes are for the very brave only. Use a milder chilli that is found in supermarkets and green grocers. Other than that this recipe is actually very tasty,