Dancing in my seat at LJMU with strawberries and cream:)

Had a really good night on Thursday. I took my mum-in-law to see my daughter’s school concert and it really was the best night out I have had in ages. There was a Brouhaha performance by the whole school which I filmed bits of while boogying.The camera was a lot more steady than I thought initially as to me I thought it might have been jumpy what with dancing in my seat and generally having a great time. I know it was good because my voice is still recovering from singing.

As for the strawberries and cream? There was loads. Of course the kids taking part got first dibs as it was teatime and they had been in rehersals all day so when the parents and the honoured guests (I have a feeling it was the chancellor and the deputy chancellor of the university) fell eagerly on some food and the chance  to buy some art and crafts such as paintings and glasses cases that had been blinged up. I wish I had  bought some as a sovenier but of course there is always another time.

The finale was a Labi Siffre hit Something inside so strong which is about apartheid which means different things to different people. There was a good emphasis on ability not disability by all the performers and the rap, rock song and the trio singing songs like Firework by Katie Perry and Standing on the edge of fame (wonder if that was a Pink Floyd one that was actually short?) And for some reason there was a bit of Bucks Fizz which is enough to make anyone over 35 feel like a littleun or a teenager all over again. That bit was included on the screen but got cut short when loads of us mums started doing the actions.

And singing. My voice went after the last song and I loved the Samba drumming. However if anyone from the film school at the Brouhaha building is reading this I did try to say hello at the end as there was a live band (Samba drumming again) for which there were hoards watching afterwards.