About style when pushing 40.

I am getting closer to the big 4-0 over the next couple of years. So I am kicking back and making some changes (not big drastic ones.)  to my attire. I have fell in hopeless love with both Joe Browns and Fat Face, two websites which cater for women who like a certain kind of cool that speaks of outdoors, dog walking, impromptu picnics and holidays in places like the South of France or painting trips with wine tasting in Italy (if only!) or living on the British Coast. With a music festival or two thrown in for good measure. The good news is there is stuff for men and kids as well and the best is the Joe Browns stuff can be bought from the simply be and jacamo site.

I don’t usually plug stuff, I find original work better but at the moment all my hippy chick dreams have come true. I am also getting back to home baking and am going to attempt a billionaires bars recipe from sainsbury’s magazine and some s’mores cupcakes and some cookies (burnt butter and also a chocolate chip one to name but a few.) I have along with the hubby have decided that home made will be better, yummier and good to have in when the kids come home from school. Hungry teenagers need a snack and this along with muesli bars will be what the doctor ordered. Recipes and pictures will follow along with verdicts in my next post. Mind you I am also a self confessed Benetton addict who dressed my kids from age 4 and 5 to about age 11 and 12 (this was down to the closure of the Gallery 1st time round.) and would happily go nuts after a long leisurely lunch. I am also looking forward to visiting Mr Miyagi’s on Allerton Road as it’s now open and the menu sounds so good.

Sticky Nori beef taco anyone? With S’mores to finish and lots more besides? Can Not Wait. My other is decent cocktails. Apart from Cosmopolitans I also like Brandy Alexanders and Strawberry or Peach Bellinis made with prosecco or house champagne.  It has to be done at least once in a while