Time to nourish the body mind and soul.

I admit I have been doing myself some toxic damage lately because I have not found much to do for a very long time and now I am here thinking about the Matisse exhibition I had the privilege to see at the Tate Gallery in the Albert Dock and listening to interesting pod casts that I never really explored before. I have a mindfulness one (the guy works with the  Chaplins to the US Marines Gunnery division) and have found others as diverse as How to be Amazing which is a journalist broadcasting interviews with people like Elizabeth Gilbert and Amy Schumer and for those trying to manage home life and domestic chaos there is The Domestic CEO: Dirty tricks and shortcuts for a happy home. The built-in podcast app on most iPhones and smartphones have a broad range and there are tonnes more on Spotify. All free unless stated.

As part of this decluttering I have decided we need a bigger bedside cabinet with space for books (I found the bookshop of my dreams in Gostins Building in Liverpool) as I am enjoying a romp through Villette by Charlotte Bronte and have Vanity Fair by W.M Thackeray to look forward to as well. The digital life is ok if you balance it by getting out and about and exploring. This bookshop is prone to bring the Belle out in all of us as it is floor to ceiling like the Beast’s library and there are nooks to browse before deciding on what to get. I have a Tiffany lamp and right now I am like Winnie the Pooh when he found a honeypot and had just a little morsel…. then the whole day has passed in a delightful afternoon. My meals today so far have consisted of fruit (kiwi, blueberries and banana) organic natural yoghurt, maple syrup and some toasted organic oats for breakfast and for lunch I had sea bass with lemon and pepper butter, baby gem lettuce, some feta cheese and a drizzle of Mary Berry’s luxury mayonnaise with herbs which was even better than Hellmans and I am converted. It is available in Adam’s Apple on Allerton Road and from what I hear there are more and more lines of organic foods being added and there is also olive oil (about 14 pounds) and other things like Cawston’s juices and Fentimanns Pink Lemonade. This is until tea time which is beef stir fry and organic rice. The stir fry is from the the butcher’s and freshly made with well sourced and cared for meat from happy livestock (Clarks.)

Last night was a chicken and chickpea stew with chorizo which was meaty and heavenly and had the addition of tomatoes and herbs and onion.  It fed all of us, filled us all up and the kids had an early night and we went up and I had a shower and put a manuka honey face mask on which really hydrated and tightened my skin and I put a little bit of moisturiser on, brushed my teeth and went to bed and had a heavenly night’s sleep. For me from now on Saturday and Sunday nights are for pampering. I do not have a hectic social life and would rather have a quiet evening in reading, watching the good stuff on Netflix or just chilling with something on the radio or podcast network. I’m not one for not being social just not too often as there is so much more to life and that is how I see it.

My kids, my hubby, our dogs and our home in our little corner of the universe. No more, no less and I couldn’t be happier



2 thoughts on “Time to nourish the body mind and soul.

  1. I’m with you! I am a huge believer in organic, locally sourced ingredients. It really does make a difference in our health and the environment. I love that you’ve dubbed Saturday and Sunday evenings for pampering! Awesome plan!!

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    1. Oh yes. I’m not a huge believer in living for Friday nights and I’d rather be at home in the warm and do the things I like to do. I have also started listening to Matt Valentine (I said it was Nicholson on my blog for some reason sorry.) who has really good mindfulness meditation podcasts and I am usually so relaxed that I am ready for bed not long after or a doze. And I am so focused when I get up that everything is really easy x

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