Love is…. (a poem)

Love is a sunrise on the beach,

Love is a journey where two souls meet

Love is something that burns inside

Love is what I find when I look deep in your eyes.

Love is building our hopes and dreams

A little family complete with you and me

Love is growing old and enjoying the days

Complete, all we need and doing it our way.


Loving you is easy

Loving myself… if I could learn how would be the greatest gift. I’m not good at that I have people tell me I am a beautiful person inside and out but I don’t believe it because THE BRAIN was instilled along with pressure to be academically superior. I have had enough self worth to know when to walk away from often unhealthy situations, it takes years sometimes… I will put up with almost anything but at times it is in the end better to cut ties and move on. There are always better people. There are people in life so toxic you wonder how you wound up knowing them. Again it boils down to having a little self respect and as someone taught me long ago the most important thing is to look after number 1: yourself. No one else can only you.

I think although humans are full of curiosity by nature we can reminisce looking through social media and we can find out how people we once knew are doing in their lives just by looking at their pictures. It’s nice to read comments and statuses and updates however it starts unhealthy descent (this has been proven by psychologists)  into wishing our lives were just as perfect or our homes were as fabulous. A lot of the time people fight awful battles, have had to deal with some dreadful things such as bereavement or serious illness or are holding it together to get through “just one more day”

The selfie trend has two faces as well. One is reassurance that people still matter in the lives of those who are important to them when it’s low key and usually family photos often kept private. If public the rogues gallery is usually full of old school photographs as well.  The other borders and often descends into narcissism which is a condition with an unhealthy level of self love, often seen as arrogant with bullying tendencies and a major nightmare when trying to deal with these people in a rational manner. One to avoid however we have all known them. It’s healthy to a degree of getting that pay rise or a promotion or securing a dream voluntary post but at times it can be hell for everyone who happens to get in their way.

Would anyone like to agree disagree comment or suggest ideas for further discussion? I have a follow tab, please feel free to add yourself and I will read and respond to all and repost the best ones. I look forward to discussing more interesting intellectual stuff and taking a fresh look at writing and opinion which is non biased and not intended or based on anyone or any situation that has happened in real life. (12th Dec 2015)

And if anyone else feels like this week has gone backwards you are not alone. I feel your pain right now as well

Much love people