softly (poem)

This is brilliant.

The Finicky Cynic

i press your spine against the
kitchen white appliance,
watching you bend into magnets:

it’s kinetic
how everything works.
you pull me in, wrapped around
your waist like a question
mark, waiting for an answer:

it’s the query
that tickles the brain.
i’m drawing a period
around your cup handles
while sugar steams in the kettle:

it’s (always) a process
of processing you.

— The Finicky Cynic

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Take Time Today and Live Life to the Fullest (3 Min Read) — The Evolutionary Mind

Live Life. Why do we settle for less than what we are worth? Unfortunately the world is creating this notion of how life should be lived. Well, that is simply incorrect. You control how you live life, you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. Regardless of what happens, you have…

via Take Time Today and Live Life to the Fullest (3 Min Read) — The Evolutionary Mind

Age is but a number.

,I’m of the opinion that getting older means that life is only going to get better. I am planning to buy a digicam and take the plunge and write my style and architecture book, buy a Volvo estate to lug all my camera equipment and complete my makeup and hairdressing course.

I have also got something of a following on instagram and I am featuring art driven stylish photos and quotes, some with a touch up on the exposure side to make them more ledigible or clearer. I do not airbrush humans or pets or wildlife so be aware that if I do take any portraits they will be as natural as the snow on the alps before skiing season. Truth right there people.


And sanity on WordPress has been restored at last (TGFT) A post with a wry look from last year.

What, might I ask was happening for the past week or so on here? My page was virtually inaccessible and I was unable to get my stats, find out who my latest globe dwelling visitors were and also try to publish an article without it being chewed up, spat out and winding up somewhere the cyberspace version of Spaghetti Junction. Did anyone else have this trouble? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anyway, here at chez Scouse we had a lovely Easter. Plenty of chocolate, a roast dinner and just general rest and relaxation. Feel much better as a result. The kids are back at school for a few days until Friday and then it’s spring break for a fortnight. If we were all still young we would have been back at school next week as we were off both the whole of Holy Week which for church-goers it truly was and Easter Sunday I remember a 6:30am service at Holts Field which was a killer. I couldn’t do that again, as a parent any amount of a sleep in even half an hour is bliss. Having a disabled teenager means having to deal with the detritus of the night before whatever it might be and the washing usually needs to start being done as soon as it’s sociable (about 8:00 am) then a cuppa, mooch around for some breakfast and on a weekend try to chill before the week ahead, easier said than done at times.

Returning to the subject of holidays we were also off one more week and then term began again. That was my memory. One thing that seems to be plaguing our house is the Ides of March, the month is drawing to a close and it has seemed like either we are living in an episode of One Foot in the Grave as things that can only be described as surreal or downright bizarre keep happening. I am also convinced our car is invisible. More on that another time. What I am looking forward to is getting my hair done, maybe my nails and trying to fit some pamper time in. The exhaustion is happening again so things I want to do without being press-ganged are less of a priority

Crying alone with a broken heart. (An Essay)

Ok here we go.

The Breakup.

(Gulp, turn around walk back in the house)

April 1996 after the Easter holidays, I broke up with the guy I had put up with an awful lot of. The final straw came when I caught him with the mother of his unborn daughter. I had reached the point of simply not being able to cope with anymore of being a secret, the rows of me wanting to be exclusive, him playing the field with everything that moved. Including that flat chested thing. Oh god. Now she’s smarmed her way into former friendship groups so avoidance is mandatory unless I have to get the vanilla perfume out  yet AGAIN!!!

I did cry for a good half hour, l then played the uncut explicit version of Creep and the other classic Thinking about you by Radiohead (on the Pablo Honey album)  it perked me up and I went  on to have yet another amazing summer with my mates.

I have not looked back since 

V x

Antithesis to fast fashion? Buy great stuff. Investments as well.

I’m currently staring an AX Paris curve size 14 50’s style skirt in the face and wondering what in the name of all that’s holy possessed me to buy it. In fact the other week I donated it to the charity shop. Those places are glad of any donation to sort out space and can be sold on as a result. Needless to say there are a few people I know of who would buy the damn thing so let it be and buy some fab stuff instead.

Thats my plan, lots of investments, a two fingered salute  to those who do not approve in the slightest.  To be honest it’s better late than never.

V x


Poem: If this heart does not falter.

There may be a time

And a place

I shall never feel your warm soft embrace.

Where shadows fall

And thus we part

Don’t say goodbye

Say it’s the start.

Time passes

People change

But love the truest kind

Remains the same.

I will wait

No matter how long it takes.

My love it’s been an adventure

Not one single regret for me to make.

V x